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United Lubavitcher Yeshiva

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Ato Hor'eiso

Buy a Possuk of Ato Hor'eiso by The Rebbe's Hakofos on Simchas Torah! Note your full hebrew name, and father's name, in the message.

"Tomchei Temimim", where the Temimim, and the Tomchei - those who support the Yeshiva personally and financially - are both part of the Yeshiva. The Alter Rebbe says: "Yiddishe gashmiyus is ruchniyus; the Aibishter gives us gashmiyus we should make it into ruchniyus." Now is the chance to have the Brocho of "Aser Bishvil Shetisasher" - "Give Tzedoko so that you become wealthy", where the Aibishter gives us yet more gashmiyus which we can then make into more ruchniyus, going from strength to strength.

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